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Free pregnancy test

Pregnancy test

You want to be sure that you are pregnant and our laboratory quality tests will provide accurate information so that you can make an informed choice.

Free sonogram

Our sonogram room

We provide non-diagnostic sonograms free of charge. Conditions do apply and you will need to talk with our staff to determine eligibility. You can learn more by clicking the link below.

Earn while you learn

Visiting with other moms

Loreto House is the "go to" place for the most up to date and entertaining parenting classes. Our programs are designed for pregnancy through 36 months after birth of your child.

Earn while you learn program

First Trimester

Prenatal Care 

Eating for Two 

Your 1st Trimester

Big Belly Hacks

Bonding with Your Unborn Baby

The Emotions of Pregnancy


Second Trimester

 Your 2ndTrimester 

What’s Safe in Pregnancy?

Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs in Pregnancy

Your Unborn Baby’s Secret World

Going It Alone

At Risk Pregnancies 

Third Trimester

 Your 3rdTrimester

Infant Bonding: Importance; Eye Contact; Temperament 

Infant Expectations

Childhood Immunizations

Getting Ready – Nesting

Labor 101A-Intro. & Options

Labor 101B-Interventions & Labor

Labor 101C-Moving thru Labor

Labor 101D-What to Expect

Comfort Techniques

Cesarean Birth

Postpartum & Breastfeeding Basics

Simply Breastfeeding: Goals & Benefits

Simply Breastfeeding: Techniques & Good Latch

Simply Breastfeeding: Getting Enough Milk; Growth Spurts & Essentials

Parenting Basics

Birth to 6 months: Nutrition; 

Self-Care for Moms; 

Health and Safety; Play and Milestones 

7 to 12 months: Nutrition; 

Self-Care for Moms;

Health and Safety; Play and Milestones

1-year old: Nutrition; 

Health and Safety; Play and Milestones

2-year old: Nutrition; Self-Care for Moms;

Emotional Health & Positive Discipline;

Health and Safety; Play and Milestones 


Safety Starts at Home

Car Seat Safety

Infant & Child CPR 

Domestic/Family Violence

Preventing Child Sex Abuse

Shaken Baby Syndrome


Quality Childcare

Positive Partnerships

Healthy Boundaries (Men)

Healthy Boundaries (Women)

For Men

Doctor Dad: Well Child

Doctor Dad: Sick Child

Doctor Dad: Safe Child

Doctor Dad: Injured Child

The Dad Difference 

V2-Involved from the Start  

Life Skills

Mommy Nutrition

Taking Care of Hygiene

Mommy Work

Screen Time and You

Home Health (Housekeeping)

Anger Management

Fighting the Impulse to Spend

The Monster of Debt

Credit Cards – Friend or Foe?

Financial Emergencies

Budgeting 101

Credit Scores: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Buying a Car

Career or Job? Planning for More

Staying Out of Debt

Your Financial Future

Newborn or just after birth

Understanding Your Newborn 1 & 2

Emotionally Healthy Children: Babies

Infant Nutrition

Infant Hygiene

Simple Infant Care

Newborn Sickness

Postpartum Depression  

Birth to 12 months

 Newborn Milestones (0 to 3months)

3 to 6 Months Milestones

6 to 9 Months Milestones

Getting your Baby to Sleep

Routine Illnesses

Baby on the Move

Age-Appropriate Play 0-12mos 

Pediatric Emergencies

12-24 Months

Bonding with Your Toddler

Emotionally Healthy Children: Toddlers

I Can Do It Myself

The Importance of Words

Time with Toddler

Mommy Milestones

12-15 Month Milestones

15-18 Month Milestones 

18-24 Month Milestones 

Age-Appropriate Play 12-24mos

Toddler Nutrition & Toddler Oral Health

Toddler Accidents

Toddler Illness

Sign with Your Baby

24-36 Months

 24-36 Month Milestones

Learning through Play

The Happiest Toddler

Whining & Tantrums

Sleeping, Bedtimes, Mornings 

Painless Parenting, I-Whining & Arguing 

Painless Parenting II-Love & Logic Strategies 

Painless Parenting III-Bedtime, Mornings, PT 

Potty Training


Helping Children Process Change

Single Parenting during Deployment

Reunited Parents; Family Unity on Return

Creating Motivation

Creating Honesty

Creating Courage

Creating Kindness

Creating Confidence


Strong Willed Children

Child Anger

Sexual Behavior & Children