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Loreto House

a sanctuary of hope for women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Our whole lives are spent planning. From the time we can barely talk, people are asking us what we’re going to do with our lives. After so many plans and expectations, an unanticipated pregnancy can seem like your life is over. Especially if it seems like no one but that little voice deep in your heart hopes there is any possibility for making this work.

Well, what if that little voice is right? What if this pregnancy isn’t the worst thing possible? What if everything will again be all right, and even better than all right? Loreto House volunteers are here to help you unfold the beautiful promise that lies hidden in the unexpected: your greatest self, waiting to emerge.

You have a lot of dreams yet to accomplish. The powerlessness you feel now is not who you know yourself to be. There are so many unanswered questions, so many seeming impossibilities. But the passion that has already given shape to your hopes and ambitions in life is what reveals the strength you are capable of as a woman, even in the most confusing of circumstances.

Our volunteers will accompany you on this walk with assistance like free educational classes for a variety of helpful topics such as baby care, breastfeeding, first aid and more. Our "Earn while you learn" pregnancy program will enable you to get great items such as cribs, strollers, diapers, etc.

Loreto House is not a medical clinic and our volunteers are not qualified to diagnose medical conditions. We are a Catholic charity, however we serve women and men of all faiths, without proselytizing or pressuring you to "convert." Our services are free and we never require our guests to attend spiritual training classes as a requirement of receiving assistance. Our volunteers listen with compassion, and treat you as a guest while respecting your dignity and free will.

Free pregnancy test

No appointment is necessary for a free pregnancy test by a Loreto House volunteer. Pregnancy symptoms will sometimes raise questions about abortion, the abortion pill (morning after pill), or abortion clinics. Loreto House volunteers will provide a free pregnancy test and provide non judgmental assistance.

Free limited sonogram

Abortion clinics typically charge a fee for a pregnancy test or sonogram but Loreto House is a 501-C-3 charity, and we offer free non diagnostic limited sonograms. We are not an abortion or medical clinic and our volunteers have no financial gain from your choices. Our pregnancy center is here for you and your well being.


Considering abortion?

If you are considering abortion, you deserve all the facts before you make a decision that has life altering effects. Many women who have walked in your shoes are now talking about their abortion experience and how it affected their lives. We have many resources for a woman who is considering abortion.

STD information

Loreto House is not a medical clinic and we do not offer STD testing, however we do have information and can refer you for such testing. A loving volunteer will help you to learn about sexual integrity that promotes your dignity as a woman. Learning how to recognize toxic relationships in you life is our focus.