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Our whole lives are spent planning.  From the time we can barely talk, people are asking us what we’re going to do with our lives.  After so many plans and expectations, an unanticipated pregnancy can seem like your life is over. What if there is a way to survive this situation?  What if everything will again be all right, and even better than all right?  Loreto House volunteers are here to help you unfold the beautiful promise that lies hidden in the unexpected: your greatest self, waiting to emerge.

An advocate will accompany you on this path and provide an array of services and referrals for medical, legal, housing and more. You can be assured of kind, non judgmental women who will listen to your concerns and desires for your life. Relax in a comfortable environment where you are not lectured or proselytized to convert. We respect your free will and we will earn your trust.

Service hours:

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.
Closed: Saturday & Sunday
Call: 940-380-8191 (office hours)  
1-866-602-5951  (24 hour help line)

Free pregnancy test

No appointment is necessary for a free pregnancy test but it is best to schedule an appointment if possible. Pregnancy symptoms will sometimes raise questions about abortion, the abortion pill, morning after pill, or abortion clinics. A Loreto House advocate will provide a free pregnancy test and provide caring, compassionate assistance.


 Free limited sonogram

Call Loreto House to schedule a free limited sonogram. You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere at our facility, and you can count on our staff to provide confidential, caring assistance. Sonograms are normally not performed on initial visit and are subject to conditions and staff approval depending upon client situation.

STD information

At Loreto House, we care about your well being and provide factual information about STI's and their effect on your health. Knowledge is essential if you want to protect your health and fertility. You can talk freely with a Loreto House advocate who will listen to you with respect and understanding. All of our services are free of charge.


Considering abortion?

If you are considering abortion, you owe it to yourself to learn all the facts. Do not let anyone pressure you to undergo a medical procedure until you have taken the time to educate yourself about, risks and alternatives available to you. At Loreto House, you will find the answers that your heart is longing for. Loreto House does not perform abortions or refer our clients to abortionists.

Material Assistance

Loreto House offers a vast array of services that help women, and men, develop the best parenting and relationship skills. If you need diapers, formula, maternity clothing, food, toiletries, and other baby items, we can help. Our "Earn while you learn" program allows you to have one on one tutoring with a trained life skills advocate. Our curriculum covers many topics such as prenatal care, Basics of newborn care, emotionally healthy children, and more. You owe it to yourself to call now and find out why so many women are coming to Loreto House.  

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